Welcome to the video revolution. TV is still the dominant player in advertising, with consumers watching more than 4 hours per day — but screens are morphing into tablets and smartphones, and content distribution has never been more complex. We plan television campaigns for maximum impact and cost savings while also addressing modern multi-screen behavior.

TV media planning and buying services:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Audience media usage analysis
  • Programmatic buying
  • Broadcast television
  • Satellite television
  • Cable television
  • Addressable TV
  • National, regional, local and hyper-local TV
  • Direct-response television


Sound is still huge. With people listening to news and music everywhere from cars to gas stations to streaming audio, “radio” remains a rich format – when planned and measured carefully for optimal results. Mediassociates combines years of experience planning radio with the latest data on ratings, consumer listening trends and formats to define audio schedules that drive brand lift and response. We add creativity and innovation to your schedules, nail value-add and program integration, and offer sophisticated direct-response tracking for ongoing campaign improvements.

Radio/Audio media planning and buying services:

  • FM radio
  • AM radio
  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Split testing and conversion optimization
    • Internet streaming services such as Pandora
    • Site-placed radio
    • Direct response
    • Performance management


From magazines to newspapers to tablets, print isn’t what it used to be. Billboards aren’t simple anymore, either. ProGo Productions helps you plan and buy print and out-of-home (OOH) advertising based on deep research of audience exposure, down to job titles among magazine readers or traffic patterns by billboards. We include the latest innovations in print formats, geographic targeting, and breakthrough OOH formats. Should you consider street teams? Need to measure response? We provide media plans, media buying, forecasts and measurement tools to answer these questions.

Print planning and buying services:

  • Demographic or B2B print usage analysis
  • Database analysis of more than 125,000 print media outlets, circulation/traffic, audience composition, and formats
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Magazine advertising
  • FSI
    • Remnant print
    • International, national, regional, and hyper-local print
    • Direct response tracking
    • Performance measurement and optimization


Out of home planning and buying services:

  • Demographic analysis of OOH usage
  • Demographic analysis of OOH site locations
  • Billboards
  • Digital ad networks
  • "Spectaculars"
  • Airport displays
    • Mall displays
    • Transit (e.g. bus and commuter rail)
    • Street furniture
    • Mobile billboards
    • Out-of-home response tracking


Media has gone digital. Smart TVs, mobile, tablets, online video — advertising evolves. We help clients evaluate media tactics to improve advertising in newer digital, social media, and mobile channels.

From email retargeting inside Facebook to IP-targeting of homes at the ZIP+4 level, we can share the latest tactics to improve your digital campaign results. ProGo Productions also has a programmatic department to provide digital advertising at rates far below those of website publishers.

Digital media and buying services:

  • Digital display
  • Online video
  • Mobile advertising
  • Tablet advertising
  • In-app advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Behavioral, contextual and semantic targeting
  • Audience profiling
  • Website rankings and demographic analysis
  • Audience targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Search engine marketing (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Search-based retargeting
  • IP targeting
  • Integration of traditional TV advertising and digital audience retargeting
  • Ad serving
  • Digital campaign reporting
  • Campaign optimization management
  • Creative multivariate testing
  • Landing page structure consulting


ProGo Productions provides the latest in programmatic media buying. We streamline the media buying process with software to eliminate waste, improve targeting, and put your ads in front of the right audience whether they be on desktop computers, iPhones or tablets. Programmatic media includes banner advertising, online video, native advertising, iAds (Apple app advertising), mobile and rich-media formats. And our trading desk experts offer deep insights derived from the latest in data management.

The result is extensive cost savings and valuable consumer insights — all fueling better campaign results.

Programmatic services:

  • Digital display (banner advertising)
  • Digital high-impact
  • Digital video
  • Mobile
  • iAd units (advertising inside the Apple app ecosystem)
  • Social media integration
  • IP targeting
  • 360-degree household targeting
  • Premium publisher placement and custom website list targeting
  • Location-based digital
  • Data overlays from more than 10,000 options
  • Retargeting
  • Ad viewability, quality and engagement analysis
  • Ad and audience testing strategies
  • Reporting, insights and optimization