VIRTUAL DJ® is a cost effective way to have all the benefits of a live DJ without the cost and hassle. Unlike an internet Jukebox, your client’s money is directed at your profit areas, not a split in profits with the company that installed it.

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SUCCESSFUL bars and clubs have DJ’s to help promote food and drink specials as well as encourage tipping the staff. Your greatest profit is from food and drink sales. Unfortunately, DJ’s are only available for a few hours in the evening. What about the rest of the time that you’re open? Having a DJ at your bar or club 24/7 would be extremely costly and most DJ’s have become unreliable, hitting on your clients, drinking your profits, most get drunk and sloppy costing you more money than what it’s bringing in.

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Mechele (Std), Jimmy (Std), Anita, Billy, Cassidy, Chris, Emma, Genny, Hugh, India, James, Jay, Jim, Johnny, Keith, Kelton, Mark, Marty, Mary, Melissa, Renee, Russ, Scott, Tim


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