Radio Networks & Storecasting

What is Storecasting? Well, it’s like having your own radio station, with your own commercials, all about your business, broadcasting to your customer’s right on your premises.

Storecasting allows you to provide customized audio ads to be broadcast through your own internal paging system to your customers within your store. Storecasting ads/messages are inserted into the digital audio feed from our Broadcast House, which provides you with the latest technology in point of sales advertising.

The following are just a few of the ways to enjoy Storecasting within your establishment:

*Control over what your customers are listening to while on your premises
*Offers news about your products and services
*Cross sell and up-sell
*Inform customers about new industry developments
*Highlight special offers and promotions
*Other informational announcements


of all purchasing decisions are made from impulse at the point-of-purchase due to overhead advertisement
ProGo radio

Streaming Music & Storcasting

Skip the cheesy “elevator music” and give your customers some tunes they’ll enjoy! Royalty Fees included with subscription for completely legal, in-store streaming of well known songs your customers love. Over 13 genres available, including Seasonal options! We produce customized ads for your storecast. Showcase upcoming promotions, specials, services, or products in your store between songs that your customers want to hear! It’s like having your own customized, business radio station with relevent, rotating ads!

With our solution, you will have full use of our Web Based Storecasting Scheduler and you can either use your existing ads or you can also use our Creative Team and Studios to create and produce them. Any combination will work as a variety of content is of the utmost importance to a successful Storecasting environment.