From Kings and Queens to cocky accents - sample a wide range of British accented voiceovers performed by our talented male and female artists.


May the luck of the Irish be with you! The Irish accent is not only for St. Patrick's Day. The Irish accent can be captivating. Consider using it to give your next production that Gaelic flavor!


The "crocodile-hunter" accent is often associated with Australia. If your next production needs that down-under Aussie sparkle, give us a shout mate!


English reads with a Spanish accent performed by our Hispanic voiceover talents

Other European

French, German, Italian, and Scottish accented voiceover samples

United States- Regional

The U.S. southern accent has a great flavor range. We have talents who can fit your southern accent needs. From genuine sweetness, down-home flavor to rustic cowboys, Hillbilly-Redneck and everything in between – we’ve got them. Also available are samples of New York accented male voiceovers.