Russ Russ

Deep, Rugged, Resonant: A talent with great vocal depth.

Hugh Kelly

Clean, Crisp, Versatile: Not only is he the right choice for friendly, down home voiceovers, he can also make a serious and dramatic read stand out.

Marty Moran

Young, Fresh, Light: Marty has a flair for reads that are smooth and flowing or filled with upbeat, youthful vigor.

Johnny Dean

Exciting, High-Energy, Strong: A powerful voice that's great for a wide range of uses. An excellent choice if you need a message said loudly and with conviction.

Billy Asher

Young, Crisp, Energetic: An excellent choice for any type of read needing a youthful attitude.

Emma Simpson

Warm, Professional, Vibrant. A polished voice talent who has a very versatile range from smooth & warm to personable and bubbly.

Melissa Kotz

Deep, Sincere, Energetic: A rich voice who is persuasively authoritative

Accent - Cajun

Need some Louisiana flair? Melissa is a great choice for a Cajun accent read