Hugh Kelly

Clean, Crisp, Versatile: Not only is he the right choice for friendly, down home voiceovers, he can also make a serious and dramatic read stand out.


A very versatile character actor! 1940's and 50's style announcers, Game show hosts, mobsters, and many many more characters! 

Marty Moran

Young, Fresh, Light: Marty has a flair for reads that are smooth and flowing or filled with upbeat, youthful vigor.


Performing characters is a strong suit for Marty. From mobsters, pirates, and many well known pop cultural icons - his character voice abilities truly run the gamut! 

James McDonnell

Versatile, animated, conversational, and relatable.


James’ repertoire includes memorable TV characters and personalities, original characters, as well as pirates, mobsters and more. 

Billy Asher

Young, Crisp, Energetic: An excellent choice for any type of read needing a youthful attitude.


Billy's higher range makes him ideal for funny cartoon voices, creative children voices, and humorous animal characters 

Johnny Dean

Exciting, High-Energy, Strong: A powerful voice that's great for a wide range of uses. An excellent choice if you need a message said loudly and with conviction.


His deep range makes him an ideal choice for "tough" characters like a drill sergeant. He also has southern roots, great for hillbilly characters. 

Emma Simpson

Warm, Professional, Vibrant. A polished voice talent who has a very versatile range from smooth & warm to personable and bubbly.


From cartoon voices to Hollywood legends, a great choice for many comedic character voice needs! 

Anita Westra

Personable, Versatile, Mature: A distinctive voice with great range.


From senior citizens to the monarchy - Anita loves to bring life to her characters. 

Genny Brown

Youthful, Fresh, Inviting: An excellent choice for projects requiring a girl-next-door or soccer mom vibe.


Genny has a knack for creating child-like, believable characters. She has great acting chops and is easily directed. 

Melissa Kotz

Deep, Sincere, Energetic: A rich voice who is persuasively authoritative


Fortune teller, feisty old woman, brash characters, airheads.. Melissa loves to take on character voices!