Emma Simpson

Warm, Professional, Vibrant. A polished voice talent who has a very versatile range from smooth & warm to personable and bubbly.


An engaging narrative style suitable for a wide range of uses - E-learning, web based tutorials, tele-messaging and more 

Anita Westra

Personable, Versatile, Mature: A distinctive voice with great range.


Soothing narrative style that can firmly speak to many audience types. 

Genny Brown

Youthful, Fresh, Inviting: An excellent choice for projects requiring a girl-next-door or soccer mom vibe.


A charismatic narrative style, suitable for reaching today's business audience 

Cassidy Reed

Youthful, Versatile, Friendly: Perfect for appealing to a youthful audience!


Reads that are dynamic and bright make her a great choice for a wide-range of narratives. 

Melissa Kotz

Deep, Sincere, Energetic: A rich voice who is persuasively authoritative


Melissa's versatile range makes her ideal for any project - a serious corporate message, inspirational biographies, instructional, medical, she does it all. 

Mary Turner

Energetic, Confident, Sultry. An encouraging and assured voice suitable for a wide range of uses


A calm and informative narrative style, Mary delivers a casual approach that inspires confidence. 

India Barton Rose

Inviting, Confident, Caring: A professional voice that inspires confidence.


Sweet-natured and appealing narrative style that conveys trust.