Johnny Dean

Exciting, High-Energy, Strong: A powerful voice that's great for a wide range of uses. An excellent choice if you need a message said loudly and with conviction.

Hard Sell

Need an aggressive, high-pressure sales pitch? Johnny's hard-sell has it! 

Russ Russ

Deep, Rugged, Resonant: A talent with great vocal depth.

Hard Sell

Edgy, deep, and steady. Attention-grabbing vocals that bring a firm hard-sell performance 

Billy Asher

Young, Crisp, Energetic: An excellent choice for any type of read needing a youthful attitude.

Mark Stevens

Exciting, High-Energy, Friendly; Not Available for Car Dealership spots in the Santa Fe, El Paso, San Antonio and Albuquerque markets.

Hard Sell

Forceful hard sell reads that'll have you hooked for more! 

James McDonnell

Versatile, animated, conversational, and relatable.

Hard Sell

Have a message that needs some power AND personality. Give James a try. 

Marty Moran

Young, Fresh, Light: Marty has a flair for reads that are smooth and flowing or filled with upbeat, youthful vigor.

Hard Sell

Have a BIG announcement to make? Marty's hard sell delivery has the wallop without all the screaming. 

Kelton Bivins

African American, Exciting, Smooth: An edgy and versatile urban voiceover that holds attention

Hard Sell

Need to be blown away? Kelton delivers an impactful hard sell delivery! 

Scott Moore

Sporty, Enthusiastic, Upbeat: An ideal voice for a read that needs a sports fan or announcer feel.

Hard Sell

Hard sell delivery style that makes an impact without screaming at the listener. 

Emma Simpson

Warm, Professional, Vibrant. A polished voice talent who has a very versatile range from smooth & warm to personable and bubbly.

Cassidy Reed

Youthful, Versatile, Friendly: Perfect for appealing to a youthful audience!

Hard Sell

Looking for youthful vigor and intensity? Cassidy's hard-sell has it! 

Melissa Kotz

Deep, Sincere, Energetic: A rich voice who is persuasively authoritative

Hard Sell

Fast, upbeat reads are a strength for Melissa. Give her a try for your next hard sell voiceover.