Keith Anderson

Friendly, Guy Next Door, Authoritative: A smooth rich tone that is not too heavy.


A voice that conveys trust, meaning, and believability for a wide-range of uses. 

Marty Moran

Young, Fresh, Light: Marty has a flair for reads that are smooth and flowing or filled with upbeat, youthful vigor.


Narrative reads that are bright, smooth, and relatable makes him an excellent choice for a wide-range of presentations 

Tim Michaels

Friendly, Conversational, Smooth: a genuine voice that has an easy way about it.


Tim's narrative style is very natural. A casual approach that inspires confidence. 

Johnny Dean

Exciting, High-Energy, Strong: A powerful voice that's great for a wide range of uses. An excellent choice if you need a message said loudly and with conviction.


Powerful and charged narrative voiceovers. Great for reaching your blue-collar audience. 

Billy Asher

Young, Crisp, Energetic: An excellent choice for any type of read needing a youthful attitude.


A hip, fresh approach. A great choice for educational narratives that need to appeal to a young audience. 

Hugh Kelly

Clean, Crisp, Versatile: Not only is he the right choice for friendly, down home voiceovers, he can also make a serious and dramatic read stand out.


Compelling, persuasive and believable narrative reads, a great choice for keeping the listener's attention completely. 

Russ Russ

Deep, Rugged, Resonant: A talent with great vocal depth.


If you need brawn and tenacity – look no further. A great choice for any message that needs to convey seriousness. 

Chris Bruns

Strong, Rugged, Pleasant; Not available for any radio imaging work. Also not available for car dealership spots in Wichita Falls, TX and Lawton, OK


Chris's narrative style is great for when you need more "tell" and less "sell". A great choice for a read that needs to build momentum.