Alondra Cantu

Mid-Hi Range; Warm, Bright, Engaging. BILINGUAL. Accented English. A great choice for tapping into both English and Spanish language markets.

Narration - Spanish

Spanish language narration reads- Professional, Crisp and Informative 

Luis Javier

Low range. Deep, Smooth, Classy. BILINGUAL. ACCENTED ENGLISH. A versatile, engaging voice great for authoritative, as well as educational reads.

Mauricio Ocampo

Mid-Range, Persuasive, Energetic, Professional, Fun. He has an energetic, fun quality about him. SPANISH ONLY. NO ENGLISH

Narration - Spanish

A great voice for a broad range of uses- Institutional, IVR, E-learning and more 

Max Edric

Mid-Range, Smooth, Inviting, Versatile Spanish voiceover. Appealing to the young and mature audience. SPANISH ONLY. NO ENGLISH

Narration - Spanish

A professional and persuasive tone, great for narrative reads to engage and impress.