Voice Talent


Our female voiceover artists are second-to-none! With years of professional, creative experience under their belts, these women can provide you with a large assortment of styles. From young, hip voices, to mature and gentle... we have a superb woman's voice to fit your project.


"Versatile" best describes our male voiceover artists. Drawing from years of creative experience in the industry, our male talents are capable of performing voiceovers in a wide-range of styles, giving your project that special touch. Whether it's monster-truck energy, dramatic elegance, or a friendly, conversational read, you'll find the exact male talent you're looking for.


From young children, to pre-teens, to teenagers, our kid voiceover artists come in a variety of ages that are sure to suit your needs. Sweet and sassy and everything in between, the vast array of styles the kids can perform are limitless. Our child talent have been groomed and trained to cut voiceovers effortlessly. They're very skilled and capable of giving your project the touch it needs.

Hispanic Female

The Spanish language market is growing rapidly, and we have an impressive selection of fluent Spanish-speaking female voiceover talents. From trusted translations to the finished voiceover, our Latin American women really do great work. They're native speakers of Spanish and will record in neutral, unaccented Spanish.

Hispanic Male

From trusted translations to the finished voiceover, we do great Spanish voiceover work. We have the Latin American voiceover talent you need to deliver your message to the ever-growing Spanish speaking audience. They are native speakers of Spanish and will record in neutral, unaccented Spanish.


Our African-American voiceover talent can deliver results for your Urban marketing campaigns. From deep, smooth and soulful to cool, hip and edgy, our talents can bring it!


Well, butter my biscuit! Looking for a Southern accent voiceover? Perhaps a more regal vibe, and a British accent is what you seek. From popular International accents to U.S. regional accents, we've got them. Let the diverse abilities of our voice actors provide skilled accented voiceovers to help sell, inform, or entertain your audience!


Here you'll find our voiceover talents who can create iconic characters and pop-culture moods for your project. From a 1940's newsreel announcer to presidential parodies, their abilities run the gamut. Give them a listen and you'll find our clever talents can interpret copy and develop characters that grab the listener's ear!

Hard Sell

Looking for a voiceover that is energetic, intense and packs a punch like no other? Check out these talents! Our skilled hard-sell voiceover talent have the know-how and confidence to really amp up the aggressive energy! Whether it's a booming, powerful male voiceover or an enthusiastic, over-the-top female voice - we have the talent that delivers a hard-sell that's beyond compare.

Female Narration

Have a documentary, medical education material, or in-house training videos to produce? Our female voiceover narration talents are skilled in a multitude of styles. Take a listen to their demos and find out for yourself. From professional, crisp, and articulate...to warm, approachable, and conversational - we have female narration talent that can capture the essence of your long-format project, and deliver a performance that's appealing to any audience.

Male Narration

Have a sales presentation, e-learning material, or corporate training? When there's a need for a captivating voiceover that's outside the realm of commercials & promos, turn to our male voiceover narration talents. Check out their demos to get a taste of what they offer. Whether it's dramatic documentary-style, or something more approachable and genuine - we have talent who can perform a variety of vocal styles that will compliment any project.

Spanish Narration

The demand for knowledgeable Spanish voiceover talent is high in this rapidly-growing market. With our diverse roster of talented Hispanic voiceover artists, there's no doubt we can fill your Spanish narration needs. These fluent, and in some cases bi-lingual, male and female talents can deliver compelling voiceovers for an assortment of projects, including E-learning, corporate training, phone on hold, documentaries, and audiobooks. We also provide English-to-Spanish translation service by professional translators on our staff to ensure your script stays in proper context.