Jukin Media Gets Creative With CTV Ad Offerings

Marketers are rushing into the fast-growing connected TV space, where publishers facing competition from distribution partners are starting to offer more unique ad products.

With tailor-made ad offerings, content owners are looking to win business directly from marketers, who otherwise buy aggregated inventory through CTV platforms and distributors—companies that are increasingly dominating the streaming media landscape.

Jukin Media, the streaming company that owns properties including FailArmy and The Pet Collective, has introduced a WeatherPod ad offering for its new WeatherSpy channel.

Similar to sponsored integrations commonly seen on linear TV, the WeatherPod is a minute-long offering that includes a five-second customizable billboard leading into a 25-second sponsored forecast, ending with a 30-second commercial spot.

The WeatherPod unit is offered both directly and programmatically. Mike Richter, Jukin Media’s director of programmatic partnerships, said these kinds of unique products help the content owner stand out from aggregators, which can only sell Jukin Media inventory collectively, not its individual brands.

“Coming through our sales team or through our programmatic stack… it does provide a really unique way to be able to hone in on the different types of contextual-based channels that we have,” Richter said.

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