Oatly Deviously Sets Its Sights on Oat Milk’s Most Skeptical Demographic: Dads

How do you encourage middle-aged dads, a demographic oat milk brand Oatly says is most reluctant to ditch dairy, to ditch dairy?

You shame them into it with a series of comedy ads and create a website called helpdad.com to arm their kids with facts to “neutralize” all the arguments dads might make against trying vegan foods. Maybe include a few meat-free “dad recipes.”

That’s the aim of a new campaign by Oatly, which is aimed at encouraging men aged 44 to 75 (described by the brand as “the least interested in anything vegan”) to try the brand.

The TV, video, digital and print campaign, created internally by the Swedish brand for the U.K. market, flips a range of familiar parent-child scenarios on their heads by having the kids take control and parent their parents.

Screengrab from Oatly’s “help dad” site.

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